Children & Youth

Our Family Orientated Church has a special place for both Children & our Youth

Sunday School

We have a dynamic team of Sunday school and youth teachers that are part of our community. This is a fun loving environment and space for the children to sing, dance and ask questions and we do all kinds of fun activities that help the children apply the lessons. The beautiful part of it is that the children learn the same thing as the adults upstairs and are then welcomed into the service during Communion time. It is special because as a church family the children are welcomed and loved as Jesus welcomed the children into his arms.


Join us once a month on a Friday evening at church for some fun at Youth Group. Get to hang out with your friends, eat a
yummy meal together, play some fun games and listen to music. You ’ll also leave each youth group with some valuable food for thought and learn more about what it is to be a Christian and put your trust in God.