Out Reach

“...as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people..” Galatians 6:10

The Grace Team

Gifted to Serve

This team of ladies meet once a month and continually find new and creative ways in which to bless others, bringing the love of God into the community in a practical way. Not only are church members blessed through them, but also those in need in our wider community, especially the children and young mothers in our local township.

Funds are raised by them through Shrove Tuesday pancake sales and various different events, including an annual Ladies Conference. Funds go towards a chosen project each year, and they have helped with such things as the fencing of the tennis court at Sea Vista Primary School and soccer uniforms for an under 15 team. Children at the Disney Creche are often recipients of Grace Team love gifts, as are Hospice patients, and the elderly.

For more information, or if you would like to join the Grace Team, please contact the church office, or Eve Nel on 082 854 9633.

Donations toward the Grace Team and their efforts can be made to the church and referenced as “Grace Team”.

Samaritan Men

These men use their skills to provide practical help where they can. They also visit the house -bound and help them with transportation.

Sea Vista Education

Investing in our Youth

Sea Vista Primary School is our local state school situated in the Industrial Area. It has over 550 pupils from grade R to grade 7. It is a dual-medium school and pupils are taught in Afrikaans or isiXhosa and in the Intermediate Phase in Afrikaans or English. it is a non-fee paying school so funds cannot be sourced from the parents. 

 This initiative has two main thrusts:

  1. Literacy: Our volunteers give around 45 minutes of their time in the mornings to help small groups of Grade 1 to 4 pupils with their reading. We are at the school from 8 to 8:45 three mornings a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays). Reading is done in both English and Afrikaans. No training or experience are necessary as we give you all the help you need and work within grade groups. It is also not necessary to do all 3 days, some ladies do one or two days a week. We use a specific remedial programme and all materials are supplied.
  2. Raising money for a Teacher Support Fund: Unfortunately, the Education Department only provides one teacher for approx. 45+ children, this means that some classes have over 50 children. Just consider what this means, when some of the better resourced schools in the country try to limit their class sizes to 25, or at the very most, 30. At 50 pupils per class, teaching is more like crowd control with no individual attention for slower children. We aim to sponsor at least one teacher.

It is an initiative that recognises that the quality of the education our children receive will determine the kind of country we all live in. 

How can you help?

  • Through sponsorship of teachers via our teacher support fund –  once off or regular donations are all very welcome. R100 per month from every family would be miraculous! Donations can be paid to the church and referenced as “Education Fund”.
  • By joining our literacy support team. No qualifications are necessary – if you are literate and willing that’s good enough for us. We need all the help we can get, whenever we can get it!

For any queries or more information please contact Dot Kerfox 082 417 3806

Bible Ministry

God’s Word in different languages

Bibles are given to identified individuals amongst our members and in our community so that they can read the Word of God for themselves in their own languages, such as in isiXhosa, Chewa, Portuguese, Afrikaans, English and Shona.

About 100 Bibles are given out annually. Should you wish to donate towards this important outreach, please reference your payment as “Bibles”.

Soup Packing

Our team assembles dehydrated soup packs which feed a family of six. These packs are distributed to identified individuals as well as to community soup kitchens.