Prayer Ministries

As a church we recognise that we are powerless without a firm foundation of prayer particularly when we seek God’s help and healing.

Alignment Prayers

We hold a half hour prayer meeting every Tuesday at the church, at 9am.  These prayers have a very specific focus: seeking to align St Francis United with God’s will.  Meetings are open to all who can make it. As a church community we are fervently seeking God’s guidance for our role in the broader community. Alignment Prayer is an important part of our discernment in this regard.

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain consists of a group of people who are prepared to pray for others. Sometimes a need arises for urgent prayer. Such a prayer request is posted on our Prayer Chain Whatsapp group, and the group members will then pray for the specific need. Confidentiality is observed throughout, and every endeavour is made to confirm a prayer need if it is brought by a third party. It is a privilege for group members to pray for those who are in need, and to “Bare one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ” [Gal 6: 2] 

If you would like to join this group, or if you have a prayer request, please contact either 

Paul Mosdell 0845235352 or Pat Munro 0795252189

Prayer Walking

We have a group of people who minister by praying at various locations in the community. Our “prayer walkers” follow a roster where they are allocated a specific week. During this time they will dedicate some time to going to a location and praying there. This is a ministry of presence, and often people in the community are deeply touched when one of our team approaches them and tells them that they (or their business) have been prayed for.

Police Prayers

Our local police work in difficult and dangerous conditions, often without enough staff. Stress, burnout and PTSD are a sad reality for our police. On Tuesday mornings, in groups of two, members of this ministry team go to the police station at 9am to pray for whichever officers and staff are available. This ministry is deeply appreciated by the police members and office staff who attend.